Annual Vestry Meeting

The Annual Vestry Meeting for the United Parish of Haverfordwest will take place on Sunday 2nd April at 5.00pm in St Thomas’ Church Hall on St Thomas’ Green. During this meeting, the annual report on the United Parish will be received, and the churchwarden and members of the Parochial Church Council will be elected for the coming year. All members of the Parish Electoral Roll are entitled to attend and vote, and should make every effort to be present.

Mr Brian Body will not be eligible for re-election as Parish Warden this year, having served the maximum number of years for a continuous term of office. We are very grateful to Brian for his many years of faithful and diligent service as Parish Warden. It will therefore be necessary to elect a new Parish Warden at this year’s Annual Vestry Meeting, and nomination papers, giving details of the criteria for election, are available from both churches, the parish clergy, the churchwardens, or from the PCC secretary.

Pre-Vestry Meetings

Prior to the Annual Vestry Meeting for the United Parish, the individual churches of St Martin’s and St Mary’s will hold their Pre-Vestry meetings, at which sub-wardens and members will be elected to the respective District Church Council (sub-committees of the PCC for that individual church). Members of the Parish Electoral Roll should make every effort to attend the Pre-Vestry meeting for the church they normally attend, to exercise their responsibility to nominate and elect wardens, DCC and PCC members.

St Mary’s Pre-Vestry Meeting
Sunday 12th March at 12.15pm, in St Mary’s Church
following the 11.15am Parish Communion Service
St Martin’s Pre-Vestry Meeting
Sunday 19th March at 10.30am in St Martin’s Church,
following the 9.30am Parish Mass

Both the Pre-Vestry meetings and the Annual Vestry Meeting are open meetings for everyone in the parish, and new members are very welcome to attend. Nomination papers for Parish and Sub-wardens, PCC and DCC members are available from both churches, or please ask one of the clergy or wardens. Nominations and voting may only be done by those whose names are included on the Electoral Roll for the United Parish of Haverfordwest.
The current Parish Electoral Roll is on display in each church. Please check to see if your name is correctly entered. Application forms to be entered on the Electoral Roll of the parish are also available in both churches and from the parish clergy and wardens, or can be downloaded here:-

Electoral Roll Application Form

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