Ordination and First Mass

Ordination and First Mass

Two Curates to be ordained

Alun Evans

Alun Evans

On Saturday 25th June, 2016, our Assistant Curate, Revd Belinda Roberts will be ordained to the priesthood at the ordination service in St Davids Cathedral. The following day, Sunday 26th June, Mr Alun Evans will be ordained as a deacon at another ordination service at St Davids Cathedral. Alun will then join the team of clergy serving the United Parish of Haverfordwest and our Local Ministry Area. Due to the large number of priests and deacons being ordained this year, and the limited seating at the Cathedral, attendance on both days is by invitation only.

First Mass

United Parish and LMA Mass

Sunday 26th June at 6.00pm

St Mary’s Church, Haverfordwest

Revd Belinda Roberts Assistant Curate of Haverfordwest

Revd Belinda Roberts
Assistant Curate of Haverfordwest

In the evening of Sunday 26th June, following her ordination to the priesthood the day before, Revd Belinda Roberts will celebrate her ‘First Mass’ at a service of Holy Communion in St Mary’s Church, Haverfordwest, at 6.00pm. All are welcome to attend this service, which will be a very special occasion for Belinda and for Alun, who will deacon for the first time at this service, as well as for the whole parish and Local Ministry Area.

This service will be the only service in our Local Ministry Area on that day, as all the clergy will be attending the ordination at the cathedral in the morning. We will be joined in Haverfordwest by the congregations from Prendregast, Rudbaxton and Camrose churches for this service.

Festival of Junior Choirs

St Mary’s Church, Haverfordwest, will be hosting a Festival of Junior School Choirs, involving many of the primary schools of Haverfordwest, to include a performance by the combined choirs and the Landkser Singers of “The Song of Haverfordwest” at a concert on Tuesday 21st June at 6.30pm. Admission is free. Please come and enjoy the wonderful music performed by the school children of Haverfordwest.choir festival june 2016PDF

Lunch for the Queen

A lovely Lunch for the Queen was held today, 10th June 2016, at St Mary’s Church, to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday. Following our morning Communion service, during which special prayers were said for the Queen, we celebrated with a traditional British lunch of bangers and mash. Grateful thanks to all those who prepared the delicious lunch, and those who decorated our church to make it a right Royal celebration.

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Introducing our new Curate

An introduction from our future Curate, Alun Evans:

Alun EvansDear friends,

It was so lovely to meet so many of you when I came to visit the parish in April and I’m looking forward to meeting you soon if I haven’t yet had the pleasure. It’s really exciting to be joining you as an Assistant Curate. I’m afraid you’ll have to forgive me for being brought up in Pembroke Dock, the “wrong side” of the Cleddau Bridge. However, I was born in Withybush Hospital, so maybe you’ll be able to forgive me! When I was growing up, every Saturday my Mam, Dad and brother would pay the 75p to “cross the bridge” to do some shopping and sometimes have lunch in Haverfordwest, so it’s a town that’s a special part of my story. As you might imagine, I was very excited when the Bishop said that I was going to join you.

Over the coming months, I’m really looking forward to getting to know you, to learning from you and getting to hear your stories. I love hearing people’s stories, and we all have life stories to tell! I’d like to share something with you to get the ball rolling! One of the people that has been hugely influential on my life has been my Nan. She used to run Pennar Post Office for 37 years, though from a fairly young age she suffered with rheumatoid arthritis, which must have made working in the Post Office a challenge. She had always wanted to play the piano and so when as a little boy I showed a desire to learn the piano, she generously paid for my lessons. It was my Nan too, who encouraged me to go to Sunday School and, when I was a little bit older, she encouraged me to go to church. I ended up being confirmed, singing in the church choir, playing the organ, serving at the altar and teaching Sunday School. In small and simple ways my Nan shared her love of Jesus with me. And that was the start of my journey of faith, which eventually led to my calling to ordained ministry. We don’t always realise how our actions can make such a difference! There are so many other things I’d like to share with you, but I haven’t got the space on this occasion. For now, can I please ask for your prayers as I prepare for ordination on Sunday 26th June? I’m looking forward to seeing you at Belinda’s first celebration of the Holy Eucharist that evening. Please keep her in your prayers too as she prepares for her ordination as priest.

Yours in Christ,


Church Army Centre of Mission

St Mark’s V.A. School was delighted to host the commissioning of Sister Val as the new Church Army Evangelist for the Merlin’s Bridge area on the evening of Monday 23rd May. We were joined by Bishop Wyn, Archdeacon Dennis and Archdeacon Roger, as well as members of the Church Army, local churches, the staff of St Mark’s School and members of the local community of Merlin’s Bridge. It was a service of great joy and hope, with an inspiring sermon by Captain Neville Willerton of the Church Army reminding us that Jesus taught us to invite all people to “the banquet”, especially the poor, the broken and those in great need. Sister Val will be getting to know the community of Merlin’s Bridge and will be reaching out in friendship and hospitality in the coming months. She will be joined in July by a co-worker Ian Roulston, who is currently working in Canada. Ian sent us a video message which was played during the service. He explained how he is looking forward to living and working among us and he especially wants to make links with young people in the area.

It was a very emotional evening, marking the end of months of planning and the start of a new and very hopeful chapter within the life of the Merlin’s Bridge community. Our thanks to all those who contributed in any way to make the evening such a success.


Sister Val Legg, CA, is commissioned


Captain Neville Willerton, CA


Clergy from the Diocese of St Davids and representatives of the Parish of Haverfordwest attended the inauguration.


Church Army Centre of Mission in Merlin’s Bridge

The “Church Army” is a mission-focused community of people who are transforming lives and communities through the work of evangelists, staff and supporters. They are committed to sharing the Christian faith through words and action in a variety of contexts across the British Isles. Their vision is to be a leading organisation in the training, equipping and deploying of evangelists, to develop appropriate and relevant forms of Christian community for pioneering situations. They are achieving this through the implementation of their DARE strategy which aims to fulfil their mission: “to see people come to a living faith in Jesus Christ”.

DARE has four objectives which underpin their work:
Doing evangelism
Advocating evangelism
Resourcing evangelism
Enabling evangelism

Their first Centre of Mission was established in 2008 and since then they have continued to grow and open new ones across the country. A Centre of Mission sees a community of evangelists working together to pioneer a fresh expression of church or a new piece of evangelism with the aim of bringing people to a living faith in Jesus Christ. Later this month (May 2016) the Church Army in conjunction with the Diocese of St Davids, will be
establishing a “Centre of Mission” based in the Merlin‟s Bridge Area. Sister Val and another Church Army worker will be living and working in the
community of Merlin’s Bridge, seeking to reach out within the community there. This Centre of Mission will also be established to offer expertise and
provide training to help other Christians share their faith through words and action across the Diocese. This is a very exciting project, and we are very fortunate that the Diocese will be funding it for five years, through the Church Army. Something which has been made possible through the substantial legacy to the Diocese of Mrs M H Jones Olzsewski.

We will look forward to welcoming Sister Val and her colleague, and to the inauguration of the Mission Centre at Merlins Bridge, on Monday 23rd May. The inauguration service will be held at St Mark’s School, Merlins Bridge, starting at 7.30pm.


Introducing Sister Val

Sister Val

Sister Val

I am originally from Poole, Dorset, where my dad and youngest brother still live. Prior to training with Church Army I worked in both education and
social work. I trained with Church Army for 3 years and was commissioned as an evangelist in 2004. I have a particular calling to work with the more disadvantaged in society. The St David’s Centre of Mission will be launched at 7.30pm on Monday 23rd May in St Mark’s School, Merlins Bridge. It is a joint initiative between St Davids Diocese and Church Army and will be based on the Merlins Bridge estate. The aim is to reach out with the love of Christ in ways which are new and engaging, thus making disciples and building Christian community. Whilst it is based within the Parish it will be a resource and learning base for the whole Diocese, offering opportunities for people to engage in and experience pioneer ministry. I will be leading the project and will be joined by a trainee pioneer evangelist, Ian, in July. I am very much looking forward to moving to Merlins Bridge and getting
started really soon. I would value your prayers for a smooth move and for meeting and connecting with people locally.

Sister Val

New Assistant Curate Announced

Alun Evans

Mr Alun Evans

The Bishop of St Davids has formally announced that he is to appoint Mr Alun Evans to be the new Assistant Curate in the United Parish of Haverfordwest following his ordination at the end of June. Alun is 29 years old and originally from Pembroke Dock. Before going to St Michael’s theological college in Llandaff, where Alun is currently studying, he was a primary school teacher in South Pembrokeshire. Alun is very much looking forward to moving to the parish in June, and we look forward to welcoming him.

Services for Holy Week and Easter

Holy Week 2016 begins on Palm Sunday, 20th March.

This is the most sacred week of the Church’s year, during which we journey with Christ through the events of his last week.

On Palm Sunday, we recall Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, riding on a donkey, as the crowds hail him as a king with shouts of “Hosanna!”.

Another highlight of the week comes on Maundy Thursday, with a celebration of the Holy Eucharist, commemorating the Last Supper Jesus shared with his disciples the night before his crucifixion. During this supper, Jesus took bread and wine, saying these were his body and blood, and shared them with his disciples, commanding them to continue to do this in remembrance of him.

The following Day, Good Friday, commemorates Jesus’ trial, condemnation and his death on the cross. This is the most sombre day of the year.

The climax of the week comes with the great festival of Easter and the celebration of his glorious resurrection from the dead. The celebrations of the Church begin on Easter Eve, on Saturday, with the Easter Vigil. In this special and beautiful service, the Resurrection is marked with the lighting of a new flame and the Paschal (Easter) Candle, representing the light of the Risen Christ, is processed through the church to the exclamation of, “The Light of Christ! Thanks be to God.” We then celebrate the First Mass (Holy Eucharist) of Easter, with great celebration.

Easter Day is the greatest and most important festival of the year. There will be a celebration of the Holy Eucharist in each of our churches in the parish on Easter morning, as we celebrate the truth that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead.

Jesus Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia! 

See a list of all our services in the parish for Holy Week and Easter, below.

Holy Week & Easter 2016

‘On Our Way’ Lent Course

Lent Course – ‘On Our Way’

Come and join us for our Lent Course ‘On Our Way’, which this year is being organised for the whole of our Local Ministry Area of Haverfordwest. We will be meeting on Wednesday’s in Lent, starting on Wednesday 17th February, at Prendergast Church Hall at 7.00pm.
Each session will have time for hearing God’s word read to us (we will be reading from St Paul’s Letter to the Colossians), as well as a time for activity and/or reflection, and a time for prayer and a little music.
Each week will be different, so come along to one, a few, or all of them!
All welcome.