Pew Newsletters

On this page you will find an archive of our weekly Pew Newsletters, which give the Sunday’s Bible readings, and notices for the following week. This archive will grow in time, as more newsletter are added week by week.

Click on the red link to open the week’s pew leaflet.


Sunday 11th June Trinity Sunday

Sunday 4th June

Sunday 28th May Easter 7

Sunday 21st May Easter 6

Sunday 14th May Easter 5

Sunday 7th May Easter 4

Sunday 30th April Easter 3

Sunday 23rd April

Sunday 16th April Easter Day

Sunday 9th April Palm Sunday

Sunday 2nd April Lent 5 (Passion Sunday)

Sunday 26th March Lent 4 (Mothering Sunday)

Sunday 19th March Lent 3

Sunday 12th March Lent 2

Sunday 5th March Lent 1

Sunday 19th February 2 Before lent

Sunday 12th February 3 Before lent

Sunday 5th February Candlemas

Sunday 29th January Epiphany 4A

Sunday 22nd January Epiphany 3A

Sunday 18th January Epiphany 2A

Sunday 8th January epiphany-1-baptism-of-christ

Sunday 1st January, 2017 christmas-1-naming-of-jesus


Sunday 25th December christmas-day-set-1

Sunday 18th December Advent-4a

Sunday 11th December Advent 3a

Sunday 4th December Advent 2a

Sunday 27th November Advent 1a

Sunday 20th November Christ the King

Sunday 13th November Remembrance Sunday

Sunday 6th Novemeber kingdom-2

Sunday 30th October – kingdom-1

Sunday 23rd October – Bible Sunday pentecost-23

Sunday 16th October Pentecost 22

Sunday 9th October 2016 pentecost-21

Sunday 2nd October 2016 pentecost-20

Sunday 25th September Pentecost 19

Sunday 18th September Pentecost 18

Sunday 11th September Pentecost 17

Sunday 4th September

Sunday 28th August Pentecost 15

Sunday 21st August Pentecost 14

Sunday 14th August Pentecost 13

Sunday 7th August Pentecost 12

Sunday 31st July 2016 Pentecost 11

Sunday 24th July, 2016 Pentecost 10

Sunday 17th July, 2o16 Pentecost 9

Sunday 10th July, 2016 Pentecost 8

Sunday 3rd July, 2016 Thomas Apostle

Sunday 26th June, 2016 Pentecost 6 (Notices only) This week’s pew leaflet does not include the Bible readings for this week, as these will be included in the service booklet for the evening service, which will be the First Mass (Holy Eucharist) of Revd Belinda Roberts, at 6.00pm in St Mary’s Church. This will be the only service in the United Parish on this Sunday.

Sunday 19th June, 2016 Pentecost 5

Sunday 12th June, 2016 Pentecost 4

Sunday 5th June, 2016 Pentecost 3

Sunday 29th May, 2016 Pentecost 2

Sunday 15th May, 2016 Pentecost

Sunday 8th May, 2016 Easter 7 – Sunday after Ascension

Sunday 1st May, 2016 Easter 6 – Rogation Sunday

Sunday 24th April, 2016 Easter 5