Parish Prayer Walk

To mark the joining of the Parish of Camrose in the grouping with the United Parish of Haverfordwest, we are planning to walk from Haverfordwest to Camrose on Saturday 4th March. The walk will be a symbolic act of our joining together.

We will begin at St Mary’s Church at 10.00am, and will move to St Martin’s by 10.30am aiming to leave Haverfordwest at 11.00am with the intention of reaching Camrose by 12.30-1.00pm. There will be a short act of worship in each church, with coffee served at St Mary’s at the beginning of our journey and a light lunch of soup and sandwiches served in Camrose.

Unless it is raining very heavily, we will be walking, but if anyone feels unable to walk or wants to come for part of it, then feel free to travel by car between the churches. We will have a couple of cars in Camrose for the journey home to Haverfordwest, for those without transport, but otherwise please arrange your own transport back.

Parish Grouping

Bishop Joanna, the new bishop of St Davids, will be visiting the Parish on Thursday 9th March for a special service to mark the grouping of the United Parish of Haverfordwest with the Parish of Camrose.

St Ismael’s Church, Camrose

Fr Nick will be licensed as Priest in Charge of Camrose, in addition to the United Parish of Haverfordwest, and Revd Heather Cale will be commissioned as Focal Minister for Camrose Parish. Heather will also be licensed as an Associate Priest in the diocese, having served as a curate for the past three years, and will continue to minister as Associate Priest in the United Parish of Haverfordwest as well as Camrose.

The service of licensing and commissioning will take place in Camrose Church on Thursday 9th March at 7.00pm, and it is hoped that there will be good support from parishioners of both Haverfordwest and Camrose for this special service for both parishes.

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